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Franz Schubert (1797–1828) – Good night

Franz Schubert Gute Nacht

Franz Schubert (1797 ‑ 1828)
Good night

Franz Schubert (1797 ‑ 1828)
Good night

The song "Gute Nacht" is the first song from the song cycle "Winterreise" by Franz Schubert. This song cycle is based on a collection of poems by Wilhelm Müller. The collection of poems deals with the theme of wandering journeymen who move around, are apprenticed to a master and then move on after a year. Winterreise" describes a journeyman who falls in love with a girl. Because their love was short-lived, the journeyman had to leave the town in winter instead of the usual spring.

The arrangement for piano and flute was written by Theobad Boehm (1794 – 1881)

The songtext:

I arrived a stranger,
a stranger I depart.
May blessed me
with many a bouquet of flowers. 
The girl spoke of love,
her mother even of marriage; 
now the world is so desolate,
the path concealed beneath snow.

I cannot choose the time 
for my journey;
I must find my own way 
in this darkness.
A shadow thrown by the moon 
is my companion;
and on the white meadows
I seek the tracks of deer.

Why should I tarry longer 
and be driven out?
Let stray dogs howl
before their master’s house. 
Love delights in wandering – 
God made it so –
from one to another. 
Beloved, good night!

I will not disturb you as you dream,
it would be a shame to spoil your rest. 
You shall not hear my footsteps;
softly, softly the door is closed.
As I pass I write
‘Good night’ on your gate,
so that you might see
that I thought of you.

English translation © Richard Wigmore


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