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Helene in Dmanisi

Helene Schulthess

A life with the flute

I was born into a family that loves music that encouraged me to take up my own wind instruments at a very early age. Heartwarming musical moments inspired me to join the long held, beloved tradition of music making. With benevolent support, my parents nurtured my fondness and fortified my fascination for simple melody. Obviously, from these happy beginnings, my childhood pleasure became my highest aspiration.

During my younger years, I was very eager to attend music school. With dedicated practice for recitals and diligent preparation to enter flute competitions, my artistic and technical skills improved more and more. Then, with a music degree from the Conservatory of Zurich, I went on to successfully earn a concert flute diploma in 1989.

Thanks to a UNESCO scholarship, my flute studies continued in Brno (Czech Republic). Advanced research led me to discover Czech compositions for flute, which were entirely unknown in Western Europe. These distinguished melodies combined classical moderate modern music with elements of Czech folk music. As my passion for Czech 20th Century music grew, my personal repertoire increased considerably.

Now, I arrange and conduct regularly scheduled events throughout the year in my own Swiss village, as well as in Germany and Georgia. Audiences enjoy listening to repertoire from selections taken from Baroque to Modern composers as my pianist, Svetlana Emeljanowa, accompanies my solo flute performances.

In collaboration with German master flute maker, Harry Gosse, I’ve made recordings showcasing his magnificently handcrafted Böhmflötenbau gold, silver, and wooden flutes. On the occasion of the 30th year in his atelier, the gracious honor was bestowed upon me to play for Harry’s jubilee concert.

In addition to my appearances with chamber music ensemble and orchestra, I also present concerts with independent music artists and provide music programs as flute soloist for church services, weddings, and funerals.

Helene Schulthess, Querflöte
Helene Schulthess, Querflöte

Flute lessons

With a life full of rich experience playing as a professional flutist, I’m happy to pass on the profound knowledge I’ve acquired over the span of my career. My master classes and workshops offer dedicated flute students the opportunity to learn breathing, posture, rhythm exercises, practice techniques, and very importantly, music interpretation.

For the benefit of my own pupils who take private lessons with me, naturally, it is essential that each one receives well-rounded instruction in flute playing. First grade to adult and senior students receive an enhanced music education under my vigilant tutelage. My well-proven method ensures student enrichment and progress from beginning, through advanced, to professional performing artistry.

I hold the philosophy that learning to play a musical instrument requires the presence of four stable factors. These factors play a vital role in the pupil’s successful music adventure: talent, motivation, supportive parents, and a dedicated teacher. When one of these factors is missing, a favorable outcome is either modest or lacking completely.

The child, parent, and teacher make an excellent team at flute lesson, practice time and recitals. With patient persistence and thoughtful attention, best efforts become valuable skills. As a flute teacher, my aim is to provide consistent, good-natured, courteous guidance that my students need to establish a firm foundation. Before long, weekly lesson turns into the key that opens a door to a world of music that touches and inspires the soul.

But first and foremost, the joyful art of learning to play the flute must be fun!