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Born into a musical family, music has fascinated and touched me from the beginning. For many years, I attended the music school, practiced, tried myself in competitions and improved more and more. So it was obviously to study music and to complete with a music degree at the Conservatory and the Zurich School of Music. In 1989 I graduated with a concert diploma for Flute successfully.

Thanks an UNESCO scholarship I could continue my music studies in Brno (Czech Republic). I focused my interests to the Czech music of the 20th century. These flute compositions were in Western Europe at that time unknown. Many wonderful compositions I discovered and I began to develop a passion for unknown flute music. Over the years a considerable repertoire came together.

With my piano partner, Svetlana Emeljanowa, I always give concerts. Often the programs are under one topic. I pay high attention to the selection of music pieces in a program that it is in a way entertaining and varied.

In addition to the chamber music I also play as a soloist with orchestra, flute solo or with guitar. Often I play in church services, weddings and funerals.

Since I have my entire life playing the flute, also teaching is very important to me. With my rich experience I’m able to teach in substantiated lessons children from the first grade and adults as well as advanced retirement.

In 2003 I took part to a postgraduate study at the zhw (Zürcher Fachhochschule Winterthur) of cultural management and graduated with an executive master of advanced studies in cultural management. Several years I managed concert evenings in Zurich. Further I organise one a year regularly music tests for all instruments on four music schools.