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In times where the female disappears more and more, I want to illuminate with this short composition the goddess of love and beauty. At the time of the ancient Greece, the gods  have been associated with the elements of nature. Here are the birds which announce the goddess. She passes through space and time with a triple-rhythm - the divine figure. She is beautiful, proud, moody and very feminine. Never can the goddess neither capture nor comprehend. That is why I selected the form of the fantasy.

About Paxmal

Karl Bickel (1927 - 1982) created the Paxmal within 25 years in solitude, under material and social deprivation, with great self-discipline. The peace monument is not a place of worship, but a quiet, peaceful place.

The place lies high above the Walensee at the flanks of the Churfirsten.


Concert for two flutes and piano

The Jecklin music forum is a good place for a chamber music concert.


Toccata und Fuge in d-moll BWV 565

The Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565 for organ are among the most famous works of Johann Sebastian Bach. The often unison melody, however, could mean that the work was originally planned for solo violin. One of the most fascinating things about the melodic instrument is to produce the impression of harmony by using the acoustics of the room. The arrangement by Jean-Claude Veilhan exploits the melodic range, fluency and many expressive possibilities of the flute to the full.