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Artur Beul was born in 1915 in Einsiedeln. After completing the convent school in Einsiedeln, Beul studied at the University of Freiburg and graduated from the University of Zurich as a high school teacher. Shortly thereafter the war broke out, and the young teacher had to serve as a replacement teacher, first in 1940 in Willerzell am Sihlsee. Because there were not many songs written for young people, Beul himself dashed off some songs with catchy melodies and child-like texts. It was this way that in particular "Übre Gotthard flüged Bräme" and "Stägeli uf, Stägeli ab" were created. Besides 2000 songs, Beul also composed the Mediterranean Suite for Orchestra, several marches, a small singing mass and countless instrumental pieces.

In 2007 Beul was honoured with the Golden Medal of Honour of the Canton of Zurich.

Risch Biert - Piano
Marcel Benedikt - Bass
Kaspar Rast - Drums
Helene Schulthess - Flute
Sibylle Schuppli - Clarinet


Übre Gotthard flüge Bräme


Nach em Räge schint Sunne


Stägeli uf, Stägeli ab


Wär ich en chline Vogel


Am Himmel staht es Sternli

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