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Johann Sebastian Bach – Transposition of the E flat major sonata to G major

Helene Schulthess, Querflöte, Johann Sebastian Bach

Johann Sebastian Bach
Transposition of the E flat major sonata to G major

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)
Transposition of the E flat major sonata to G major

It is disputed whether this sonata was really composed by Johann Sebastian Bach. It is also claimed that it was from the pen of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.

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Helene Schulthess, Querflöte, Sonate in Es-Dur

Among flutists, the Sonata in E-flat major is somewhat avoided. On the one hand, this is because the authorship is disputed, on the other hand because it sounds a bit quiet and sometimes a bit dull in the lower tonal range. I transposed it up by a major third. Now it sounds much more radiant. I also transposed the famous Siciliana. Of course, this gives the sonata a different radiance. It is interesting to compare the two keys. I love them both now.

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