Noten für Querflöte

Johann Baptist Vanhal
(1739 - 1813)

The Imperial and Royal Residence of Vienna Belaguered and Liberated.

For Two Flutes (UE 19 488) (Level 4)

The French Revolution and the Revolution Wars which followed it plunged the entire continent into armed conflict and engendered alarm, despondency and unspeakable suffering. But they also inspired many composers to extraordinary flights of fantasy. Napoleon’s campaigns brought forth innumerable musical evocations of revolutionary pageants, battles and armistice celebrations.  This genre was fostered not only by the minor masters but also by the foremost composers of the age. Beethoven, for instance, wrote “Wellingtons Sieg” or “die Schlacht bei Vittoria”.

The present edition closely follows Hoffmeister’s first edition, which was carefully collated with the first edition of the keyboard composition.

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