Weiterbildung für Flötisten

The "International Flute Days" is an innovative non-conventional flautistic course that focuses on the preparation of orchestral auditions as well as on the stylistic and historical study of works based on a work of chamber ensembles.
Interactive talks with participants and lectures complement this musical experience.
The beautiful city of Ávila in Spain will offer a unique atmosphere and perfect inspiration for an unforgettable week.

This innovative course for flute is based on pedagogical and artistic experiences as well as on musical research and mutual interest in the historical interpretation between Henrik Wiese and Hernando Leal-Gómez.
The work focuses on the preparation of the orchestral auditions for flute as well as the stylistic and historical study of relevant works of the flautistic repertoire.
For this purpose, the course will focus on chamber music through ensembles and adaptations made especially for this course. These adaptations will allow experimenting with different colors and musical timbres as well as with interesting registry changes and tuning exercises, using different instruments such as the piccolo, the soprano flute, the alto flute and the bass flute.

Henrik Wiese
Hernando Leal-Gómez

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