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Eugène Ysaÿe, Obsession

Eugène Ysaÿe (1858 - 1931) The challenge of this piece for the flute is the representation of polyphony with a unison instrument.

Since I discovered this sonata a few years ago, it has always been with me. I was very keen to include this composition at an appropriate venue. When I saw the Giacometti Hall, I knew that this was the right place: because of the unfavourable lighting conditions in the former orphanage, the Zurich city council decided to have the ceiling and the walls artistically decorated. A competition was announced, which Alberto Giacometti won. Together with three assistants, Giacometti devoted himself to this demanding task in the years 1923 – 1925. The result is a firework display of colours, shapes and patterns. With this work, which immediately received great attention, the artist made his breakthrough.

Today, the former orphanage serves as Officer House 1 - known as "Urania-guard" - a station of Zurich City Police in the city centre.

The arrangement for flute was performed for the first time in public on 19 October 2014 in the Giacometti Hall in Zurich and was posted on youtube. At this point I would like to thank very much Mr. Hans Baumgartner and the authorities of the Municipality and City Police of Zurich for their permission and friendly support.

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